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The mix is crucial and

cross-media communication is

the recipe for success.


Is a great text welcome? For the corporate magazine, for a journalist’s request, for the agent newsletter… ?


All you have to do is provide support during the briefing and the approval phase. Aepli Communication takes care of the rest.


Press release

Broad communication starts with a press release. Thanks to a strong network among journalists, Aepli Communication ensures maximum impact.


Aepli Communication is your one-stop service provider – from the idea to the monitoring of publications.

Social Media

The community wants to be informed and entertained – preferably on a regular basis.


Aepli Communication finds the stories in companies that turn followers into fans. From planning to the writing and approval phase to publication, the services you want fit seamlessly into your process.

Fair texts contain more then nice sentences. Most of all it’s about reducing the complexity of technical content and translating product performance in customer benefits.


Parallel Aepli Communication draws picture in the minds.

Bei guten Texten entstehen Bilder im Kopf
Am Anfang steht das umfassende Konzept

Everything starts with a comprehensive concept – in the ideal case. 

Aepli Communication turns the ideal case into the standard with your product launches, campaigns and exhibitions.

Concepts for campaigns

It’s best to think everything through from the beginning. Aepli Communication advises against hyperactivity. Less is more, starting with an initial situation, followed by a strategy, and continuing to action and finally to the control – all well connected with a red thread.


Concepts for  events

Usually a lot of time, money and commitment are invested in customer events, as well as participation at exhibitions. Sometime later the memory fades…


Sustainability starts before and ends after the show or event. Good communication will help you get the most out of each occasion. Even better let Aepli Communication take care of it. There is plenty of other stuff for you to deal with.

Communication concept

It makes sense to challenge your corporate communication from time to time. Assess the current situation, examine what is available, look for a positive impact and search for the greatest potential.

That’s exactly what Aepli Communication does. Leading you in logical steps through the concept, towards your goals – and then monitoring how well those goals have been achieved.


Providing the perfect framing to information: that’s what a good brochure does.


Aepli Communication keeps your content slim but sexy – and creates great-looking brochures. Seduce your customers!



What impression does your website give on a mobile phone? And else?


Whether there is a single issue to fix or it is the trigger for a new website, Aepli Communication will appear at its digital best for you.


Newsletters are typically released on a regular basis. Your subjects continuously reach your customers.


Aepli Communication takes responsibility for the newsletter and its regular publication.

Lead generation

You have decided that your database should grow? Get to know more people with Aepli Communication.


Competitions, surveys, activities at your exhibition booth – they all motivate people to get involved. Doing it in a smart way, your company will gain the participants’ contact details.


Marketing Communication

In some situations communication focusses on quantitative goals only. Then just leads and orders count.


You elaborate the requirements and Aepli Communication the measures – but joint checking.


When you find yourself having to work on presentations and write speeches, you soon realise that it always takes a bright idea and a lot of time. Putting it off is always much easier than making it happen.


Aepli Communication, on the other hand, can’t be discouraged and is ready to work to your brief.


Edith Aepli elaborates and plans campaigns in a targeted manner. Advertising, editorials for the media and communication on the company's own channels are skillfully intertwined.

—  Joachim Maier  —
Marketing Manager, Uster Technologies AG

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