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Every year we are responsible for a considerable amount of advertising budget, so we occupy a significant position as an independent agency.

Master plan

To ensure that the advertising budget is used effectively, the advertising strategy is developed on the basis of a situation analysis and the appropriate media and formats are evaluated. The master plan is the basis for planning and booking advertising – it is the action guide for the targeted use of advertising funds.


Task list

Everything under control with the task list. It is an annual plan, a booking overview and a tool all in one. The detailed list provides transparency on advertising expenditure and contains all the information needed to carry out the tasks associated with advertising on schedule throughout the year. The task list is the implemented master plan.

Care-free package

You simply leave the task list to Aepli Communication. We order print data and banners in the required size from your layout team and deliver the material to the media on time. We check the publication and if need be, the banner performance report as well as the invoice later – you only have to take care of the payment.


Business model

When booking advertising, Aepli Communication receives an advantageous friendship rate thanks to long-standing relationships with the media. All price discounts are passed on in full to the client, because as an independent communications agency, Aepli Communication earns money on the services and does not do business with the media itself.
In most cases, the savings outweigh the cost of the agency's services.


Media planning is advertising with added value and combines ads or banners with content in the editorial section.


Anwendungen und Vorteile von Produkten sind im B2B nur selten selbsterklärend. Niemand kauft etwas, ohne das Grundlegende zu verstehen. Die Aufgabe ist klar definiert.

Das Grundlegende verstehen und erklären

Market and segment specials

Represented in every market special and present with an article when the magazines focus on your industry segment. Never miss an opportunity of being present, because for us specials are an integral part of advertising planning.


Placing articles

Delivering the right messages to the right target group at the right time. We help you do everything right and pull strings to get the article published the way you want it.

Interview requests and more

Dank den engen Beziehungen zu den Medien profitieren unsere Kunden von Interview-Anfragen, Unternehmensporträts, auf den Medienwebseiten verlinkte Videos etc.


Elaborating the communication concept, taking the responsibility for advertising, enhancing content on the website and editing media releases, Edith Aepli plans and supports us committed and reliably.

—  Cornelia Buchwalder  —
Secretary General, Swiss Textile Machinery Association

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