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SINCE 2017

Our pride is the trust of our customers.

The profile

Aepli Communication focuses on the textile industry. The agency represents skills, industry knowhow and experience, as well as a strong network among journalists. Aepli Communication helps companies to achieve a target-oriented communication mix and covers all services for its implementation. Whatever the goal to be achieved through communication, Aepli Communication is the right partner for you.


The philosophy

Aepli Communication knows about the challenges and needs of companies – appreciating their dilemma between big goals and low budgets. The agency supports you with exactly what’s needed, wherever time and resources or knowledge and skills are missing. The agency adds to the full range of services, knowhow transfer empowering companies to be self-sufficient in communication. On the one hand you have the chance to encourage staff, on the other hand you benefit from the advantage of incorporating the right knowhow at the right time. Knowhow implants make our offer unique – and your enterprise excellent in communication.


We strongly believe that communication contributes significantly to the success of a company. A sound approach is important for our work.


Patricia Schwendener
Phil Owen
Dunja Anken


Edith Aepli

  • Many years of experience in marketing and communication for the textile industry

  • Master of Advanced Studies in Business Communications

  • Education as Marketing Manager

  • Instructor for Public Relations and Newsletter Marketing​

Edith Aepli Inhaberin Master of Advanced Studies in Business Communications


Our solutions are sometimes simple, sometimes pragmatic, sometimes elaborate, but always goal-oriented.

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