What is more important than strong relationships with customers and other business associates?

Take care of this vital function, using the benefits of professio-nal public relations. 








There are many ways to communicate with customers, partners and other relevant groups. Your messages become stronger by using media as a platform and multiplier. 

A press release doesn’t have to be a big issue for you: you approve the text and then it’s published in the media. That’s all. Aepli Communication takes care of everything else. With the support of a strong network of journalists.

Communication is for everyone – but especially for your potential customers via the media.






Online and print advertising extend and focus your PR activities ideally – and the other way around. What, where, when and how much? Aepli Communication handles everything. Ad bookings will target only media relevant for your company. And because Aepli Communication is an independent agency, all discounts will be passed on to you.

No matter if it’s an annual advertising program or a one-off campaign, you will get all the information you need. All you have to do is send the ads at the right time to the right contact. On request, Aepli Communication takes care of that too.

Master plan, task list, carefree package and value package →  get the details


Taking the challenge to meet prospects in

online and print media



A comprehensive communication concept – or an individual activity for immediate use – whatever your need, Aepli Communication provides a helping hand and brilliant ideas.

What’s your goal? Communication offers plenty of ways for creative activities. Aepli Communication is ready – from concept to final control and debriefing.



Communication is never an end in itself.


Do you prefer to be independent of an agency, to foster staff, to save the cost of freelances? There are many good reasons to have the skills available internally. For public relations, media planning, newsletters, events… Aepli Communication has the knowhow – and is ready to share its experience – with processes, templates and checklists for your staff to completely take over new tasks. 

Knowhow transfers are a better fit, faster and even more cost-efficient than any education.


Knowledge leads to independence.



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