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Media kits 2021 arrive in your inbox since a few weeks. Print as well as online publications of the textile industry court advertising customers’ favor. Only who intends to book special positions such as on the cover or formats like top-banners is well advised to take care of his media planning soon. Everyone else can deal with it later.

However there is the alternative not to bother with media planning at all. You let do the planning!

No matter if advertising should be continuously or punctually, Aepli Communication elaborates a schedule fitting to your markets, event, products and campaigns.

Media planning by an independent agency provides to you two big benefits: First, for the ideal mix all media worldwide are definitely be included. Second, I pass all booking discounts to the full extent to customers. Looking on the ideal case, your savings top the expense of my effort.


Are you interested?

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October 22, 2020

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